Park or camp?

Park or camp?

Campering is fashionable. Or more I dare say it is a new trend. A lifestyle that offers you freedom. But many of you have a doubt: Is it allowed to spend the night inside the van while it is parked in Spain? The answer is YES.

The General Traffic Regulations make no special mention when parking and camping. Due to the steady growth of the last years of motorhome and campered vehicles, the DGT compiles in a single document, instruction 08 / V-74, all those normative aspects in this regard.

The DGT considers that while any vehicle is properly parked, without exceeding the road markings delimiting the parking area, and if there is one, the temporary limitation of the parking area, the fact that its occupants are inside is not relevant. of it. And CamperVan vehicles are no exception! That is, the activity that takes place inside it cannot transcend the outside. For example, by deploying elements that overflow the perimeter of the vehicle, such as pallets, awnings, leveling devices, stabilization supports, etc. ”

Therefore, travel and sleep peacefully. Respect the parking signs and do not take any camping utensil or object outside. Take note, you can eat or sleep inside your car as it is a private space but you cannot remove chairs or tables outside the vehicle because it is considered camping. And of course, if we are only parked we are not going to pour fluids or make annoying noises.

However, you only need to carry a photocopy of this instruction in the car, because you can meet a municipal judge who judges against your reason. In principle, the current regularization of the DGT prevails over any municipal ordinance.

If you want to camp, I recommend that you do it in the permitted places, or better yet, choose a place or idyllic place where you make your stay a place to remember. Ah, be careful not to obstruct any path!

Here you have our granite of sand in your doubts, but the best thing is that you read the instruction since you alone are responsible for your actions.

Choose where you want to sleep, relax, respect, live and enjoy your camper moments. A privilege of life!