Freedom with Likecamper!

Freedom with Likecamper!

We live in a world full of change. Jobs, education, habits, ... everything. And when I say everything, it's everything. Even our cherished free time. We are on Monday and we look forward to Friday again to enjoy an authentic and wonderful weekend. Eager to break the routine and take advantage of this well-deserved rest.

Well, I want to introduce you to my best ally so that you, like me, can achieve this and much more. Yes, as an adventure and freedom lover, I want to spread this autonomous and economical way to travel. A folding bed for cars and vans. The ideal resource to camperize your vehicle. Because with LikeCamperbox you only have a little time and you want to live to the full without having to worry about planning. LikeCamperBox accompanies you wherever you go.

The LikeCamper camper kit is a lightweight, compact kit consisting of a comfortable folding sheet mattress and a mattress with the appropriate thickness and thickness for a perfect rest.

Without planning if you want, with a fixed course or without a course. With likecamperbox you just have to want it. Because in a "plis" you install without the anchors or tools the folding box in the car, without just subtracting space in the luggage rack, as it replaces the tray of the boot. Even the rear seats remain free.

The LikeCamper camper kit is a versatile solution that fits any type of car - van and van and does not need approval. It doesn't matter if you have a Renault Kangoo, like a Citroen Berlingo like a Ford Toruneo, or any similar one. It does not matter the make and the model because the folding box is adjusted to the dimensions of your vehicle thanks to the telescopic tube system that is enlarged according to the width you need. A box that, once unfolded, will reach a length of 180 cm. Is your car longer but less than 135 cm wide, such as a Citroen Jumpy, for example, the Kangoo long model or similar? There is also a custom-made folding box, the likecamperbox M190. Like your vehicle, the box is also a little longer.

And if your companion in your adventure is a Volskwagen Transporter, Mercedes Vito or Viano, or a Renault Traffic or similar, then you will install the likecamperbox kit with an adjustable width of 120 to 139 cm and a length of 190 cm. And there is a folding box for each vehicle.

Now you know which box is the one that will make your dreams come true when you are at the foot of the mountain that you will climb at sunrise. The same thing that will wake up with you in front of the sea or in that corner hidden in the middle of nowhere, ... It will be the best initiative you have ever had!

Like me, waiting for the weekend to leave the city. Sometimes with destiny, others letting me go. With likecamperbox it does not matter what destination you choose because when the night comes I choose where to sleep, in the middle of the countryside, near the lake, or between the streets of small towns, ... in a few minutes and effortlessly extending the box and the mattress, and with some sheets or a duvet I have my bed ready to rest. Because you know there is no season of the year that I am reluctant to travel with my inseparable folding bed.

Ayy !! I almost forgot to tell you that likecamperbox has a fabulous secret! Yes, and well kept. I tell you ... in the folded kit and installed as a luggage tray are stored, without taking up more space in the boot, a table and two chairs of an extraordinary design, which will brighten up your moments of relaxation. And camper life and design are not at odds, are they?

Now you know my secret and that of likecamper. Now you know why my getaways are great. And with the box kit, table and chairs and the mattress all you have to do is start the car.

Happy getaway!