Tips for enjoying your LikeCamper

Doubts about whether your vehicle is suitable for installing our camper solution?

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There are countless models and versions of vans, minivans and SUVs, so it is impossible for us to test our camper solution on all of them. But, if your vehicle meets the following requirements, it is almost certain that one of our camper folding beds can be installed.

Park or camp?

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Campering is fashionable. Or more I dare say it is a new trend. A lifestyle that offers you freedom. But many of you have a doubt: Is it allowed to spend the night inside the van while it is parked in Spain? The answer is YES.

Freedom with Likecamper!

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The kit of LikeCamper is a versatile camper folding bed base that fits any type of MPV or van and does not need a technical approval. It does not matter the maker and the model because the folding bed base is adjusted to the dimensions of your vehicle. It is thanks to the telescopic tube system that is enlarged according to the width you need.