LikeCamper already has a patent!

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We are proud that SPTO has granted us this guarantee of manufacturing and sales exclusivity. This privilege recognizes the attributes of LikeCamperBox as indicators of technological innovation in the campervan sector.

Mountain fair of Vic-Collsacabra 2016

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On the weekend of 11 to 13 November, LikeCamper took part,for the first time, at the Vic-Collsacabra Mountain Fair. In these three days, the team of LikeCamper informed and showed our camper solution, the LikeCamperBox.

Answers to your Questions about PrestaShop 1.6

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We all know that the little space in the camperist vehicles is one of the main headaches of campervan fans. Where do you put a table and two chairs? It depends .... with the LikeCamper's solution not even a centimeter more!!

Fira Anoia 2016: we put LikeCamper on the sideboard

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The historical tradition tells us that the biggest showcase is a fair. So, LikeCamper takes a step forward by letting us know. And we did the starting shot at home. The last weekend of May, LikeCamper has been at the 63rd edition of the Fair Anoia of Igualada.

Find out the campervan side of your car!

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Turn your car into a campervan with the foldable bed of LikeCamper and travel independently and without limits ... camping in the mountains, surfing at dawn, rest before the climb, the landscape changed again every day.
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