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Check compatibility with your vehicle

A1 (installation height) from 23 to 62cm.

A2 (distance between minimum installation height and ceiling): 62 cm or more.

L1 (boot depth at installation height): 64 cm or more.

L2 (distance between tailgate and front seat backs at installation height): 182 cm or more.

Boot width at installation height: 100 cm or more.

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There are countless models and versions of vans, minivans and SUVs, so it is impossible for us to test our camper solution on all of them. But, if your vehicle meets the following requirements, you can almost certainly install one of our camper beds.

1. Measure A1 which is the minimum installation height of the folding bed base. That is, the height at which the rear seat backrests are folded with respect to the base of the boot. If the backrests are lowered to less than 23 cm, that is the minimum installation height.

2. Measure A2 which is the distance between the minimum installation height and the ceiling. It is best to calculate it by measuring the height of the boot in the lowest part and subtract A1. A2 must measure 62 cm or more, since they are necessary to open the folding bed base. Moreover, thanks to this, the sleeping space is not claustrophobic. If A2 is greater than 62 cm, the folding bed base can be installed at any position between the minimum installation height to the 62 cm that has to be kept. Example: if A1 is 25 cm and A2 is 80 cm, then the bed base can be installed from 25 cm to 43 cm (25 + 80 - 62).

3. Measure L1 which is  the distance between the tailgate and the rear seat backrests at the installation height. It has to be 64 cm or more.

4. Measure L2 which is the distance between the tailgate and the front seat backrests at installation height. It must be 182 cm or longer. As seen in the sketch, if necessary we can fold down the backrests and / or move the front seats forward.

5. Finally, make sure that the width of the boot at the installation height has to be 100 cm or more. Also that the sides must be fairly flat, no more than 20 degrees, at the four support points of the bed base on the sides.

If you verify that your vehicle meets the requirements, contact us!