Can a LikeCamper bed be installed in my vehicle?

If your vehicle is an SUV or a minivan, these are the minimum measurements to be able to install the smallest model, the M180-2 bed, in a vehicle:

A1* (minimum installation height): 23 cm.
A1+A2** (distance between the boot floor and the ceiling): 85 cm or more.
L1 (boot depth at installation height): 64 cm or more.
L2*** (vehicle interior depth at the installation height): 182 cm or more.
Boot width: 100 cm or more.

If you verify that your vehicle meets the requirements, it is almost certain that, at least, the M180-2 bed can be installed. So contact us!

If your vehicle is a van like Berlingo, Rifter, ProAce Citi, Kangoo, Caddy, Tourneo, Doblo, etc., we have already verified that these models are suitable. You can choose between the M180 and the M190 bed. If you are less than 180cm tall, with the M180 bed you have enough, since it is 180cm long. If not, you are interested in the M190 bed which is 190cm long. In both models, the bed base is 115cm wide. But, if it the boot is wider than 115cm, a wider mattress can be put in and the few cm in flight from side to side do not affect comfort.

In case you have a van like Spacetourer, Traveller, ProAce Verso, Vito, Viano, Class V, T5, T6, etc., the model that fits best is the L190 bed. It is because the open L190 bed base is 190x140 cm. Also, we can put a mattress up to 150 cm wide. But depending on your needs, you may be interested in the M190 bed or the M180 bed.

If you have doubts, contact us and we will gladly advise you.

To contact us, send a Whatsapp or call +34 644034328 or send an email to


* Keep in mind that the minimum installation height of the bed base is the height at which the rear seat backrests are folded down. If the backrests are lowered than 23 cm with respect to the base of the boot, then 23 cm is the minimum installation height.

** A2 has to measure 62cm or more, since these 62cm are necessary both to be able to open the bed base and, also, for the sleeping space being not claustrophobic. That's why A1+A2 has to be 85 cm (23+62) or more.

*** As seen in the diagram, if necessary we can fold down the backrests and move forward the front seats.

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