• Folding bed for all types of vehicles. Easy to install and unfold.



    > Folding

    bed for all

    type of


    Easy to

    install and


  • Easy to transport and save.



    > Easy

    to transport

    and save,

    18.5 kg


    Simple to

    handle it!

  • Keeps the boot space.



    > Allows the

    daily use of 

    the vehicle

    Keeps the

    space of the

    boot and 

    rear seats

  • Fits to different types of vehicles.



    > Fits to






    and vans

  • Easy to install by yourself



    > Easy to


    by yourself

    No tools or

    need for 


  • camper van conversion of compact van
  • camper van conversion of midsize van
  • camper van conversion of minivan and MPV
  • Bedspring transforms to a camping table
  • Discover the campervan side of your car with LikeCamper

     Height adjustable camper bed easy to install by yourself: No tools or approval required.

     Folding bed base easy to transport and save: weighs 18.5 kg and when folded 95x62x12 cm.

     Fits different categories of cars: Suitable for MPVs, minvans and vans.

     Allows the daily use of the car: Keeps the space of the boot and available the rear seats.

     Comfortable and easy to manage mattress: it is folded in three-part accordion format.

     Accessories that make easy to camping: a table and two chairs that are stored inside the bed base.

     Travel as you go and stay where you feel so: LikeCamper allows to sleep where you can park.

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LikeCamper - Kits para camperizar
LikeCamper - Kits para camperizar
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