• Folding bed for all types of vehicles. Easy to install and unfold.



    > Folding

    bed for all

    type of


    Easy to

    install and


  • Easy to transport and save.



    > Easy

    to transport

    and save,

    18.5 kg


    Simple to

    handle it!

  • Keeps the boot space.



    > Allows the

    daily use of 

    the vehicle

    Keeps the

    space of the

    boot and 

    rear seats

  • Fits to different types of vehicles.



    > Fits to






    and vans

  • Easy to install by yourself



    > Easy to


    by yourself

    No tools or

    need for 


  • Bedspring transformable to a table



    > LikeCamper

    makes easier

    to camp



    table and

    two chairs

  • Travel as you go and stay where you feel so



    >Travel as

    you go and

    stay where

    you feel so

    A new


    every day

  • folding bed base for MPVs and combi vans
  • Mattresses for campervans
  • folding bed for campervans
  • Bedspring transforms to a camping table
  • Discover the campervan side of your car with LikeCamper

     Camper bed easy to install by yourself: No tools or approval required.

     Folding bed base easy to transport and save : weighs 18.5 kg and when folded 95x62x12 cm.

     Fits different categories of cars: Suitable for MPVs, minvans and vans.

     Allows the daily use of the car: Keeps the space of the boot and available the rear seats.

     Comfortable and easy to manage mattress: it is folded in three-part accordion format.

     Accessories that make easy to camping: a table and two chairs that are stored inside the bed base.

     Travel as you go and stay where you feel so: LikeCamper allows to sleep where you can park.

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Now, once your Likecamper order has been prepared, GLS delivers it in 24-48 HOURS for shippments to Spain! For shipments to Europe the order is received in 4-7 business days. This reduces the delivery time. For the products in stock, you receive them no later than in three working days from the day you place the order.

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Park or camp?

Park or camp?

Campering is fashionable. Or more I dare say it is a new trend. A lifestyle that offers you freedom. But many of you have a doubt: Is it allowed to spend the night inside the van while it is parked in Spain? The answer is YES.

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95% of those who come to try, purchase it!

95% of those who come to try, purchase it!

It has been a while since we have added the “Come try it” tab in our web. From then, there are many who have come to try our camper kits. Now, we are pleased to see that 95% of those who visit us decide to purchase one of our camper kits.

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Freedom with Likecamper!

Freedom with Likecamper!

The kit of LikeCamper is a versatile camper folding bed base that fits any type of MPV or van and does not need a technical approval. It does not matter the maker and the model because the folding bed base is adjusted to the dimensions of your vehicle. It is thanks to the telescopic tube system that is enlarged according to the width you need.

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