About us

Viajar con autonomia con LikeCamper

LikeCamper is the fruit of an idea matured, for a long time, in the mind of Ramón Senserrich, an industrial engineer and in love with nature.

It all starts in 2006 when I buy a combi van (a Ford Tourner). Being a practitioner of outdoor activities I have the idea of ​​sleeping in the van, so that I can spend the night on foot of the mountain before ascending. Looking for a solution for my vehicle in the market and I can't find any, so I decide to make a provisional one.

In 2008, with the crisis I lost my job and move to Scotland to work and learn English. Adventure that later, in 2012, leads me to take a Msc in 'Business Management'. There, I attend an entrepreneurship module in which I must develop a business idea. then is when the idea of ​​LikeCamper was born. That is, to offer a versatile and standard solution to convert everyday cars and vans into campervans in a simple and reversible way ... This is the goal !! camping between mountains, surfing at dawn, resting before the ascent, changing scenery every new day, etc.

In 2015, at home, I get down to work, and I started developing the prototype that will make the LikeCamper possible. A company that is carried out thanks to the help and trust of a small, but great human team, who loves and believes in the project and gets involved unconditionally. After the first prototype follows another and so on until after months and months of improvements to optimize the product seeking perfection and a beautiful design, we achieve the goal!

For this reason, we are pleased, today, to offer an innovation in the campervan sector. The most functional option, the LikeCamper A folding bed for your vehicle, comfortable, lightweight, easy to assemble, without tools or anchors, which allows daily use of the vehicle with the bed installed. Innovation that in 2016 the SPTO grants the patent.

Happy to introduce you our fruit, we invite you to transform your vehicle into a campervan with LikeCamper and travel autonomously!